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A Perfect Storm

The threat landscape has changed dramatically in the last few years with the combination of hybrid working and expanded attack surfaces. Cyber criminals are leveraging the latest technologies and attack vectors that traditional security tools were never designed to defend against.  It has created the ‘perfect storm’ in cybersecurity. 

To help you optimize your defense posture, Teneo is offering a free Security Posture Review focused on how users connect to applications, with emphasis on endpoint, SSE and segmentation.

The review process is formed of 3 parts:

  1. Discovery – During a 1-2 hour session, we’ll discuss your attitude to risk and current defense posture
  2. Assessment – Our team will review your current toolset against your risk profile
  3. Presentation & Report – A member of our Teneo cyber security team will present our findings, along with recommendations supported by a summary report.

Book a Security Posture Review today and allow Teneo to help shield your business from the perfect storm of cybersecurity by adopting a fresh, modern approach.

Purpose beyond profit

In working with Teneo, you are helping to improve the lives of millions of children around the world. During your TCR, we'll update you on our recent Purpose Beyond Profit initiatives that our customers help to support. Learn more.

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