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Understanding the impact of the transition to the long-term Work From Anywhere environment on IT Infrastructure and Operations leaders.


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Organizations are now moving swiftly towards the ‘new normal’ of the hybrid, Work From Anywhere (WFA) environment, which will see a blend of remote and on-site working.

While this model promises a wealth of benefits, it also brings with it increased pressure, uncertainty, and unpredictability for IT Infrastructure & Operations (I&O) leaders.

Tasked with ensuring their organization is fully operational in this new environment, the pressure is bearing down on I&O leaders as they seek to balance business, technical and human demands, very often against a backdrop of having limited time, resources, and tools.

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To understand the full impact of the move to the long-term WFA environment on I&O leaders, Teneo conducted its ‘Work From Anywhere: IT Impact Report’, gathering the views of 400 I&O decision-makers across the UK (200) and the US (200).

Key highlights of the report include:

  • The transition to the WFA environment is bearing down on I&O leaders, leaving them feeling stressed, frustrated, and overworked 
  • The challenges influencing this overwhelm include a lack of tools, resources, and time, coupled with an influx of WFA related IT issues
  • The key benefits of the WFA environment, which businesses are now reliant on for competitive advantage
  • The solutions that WFA success is dependent on, including End User Experience Monitoring, SD-WAN, Zero Trust Security & Optimized SaaS Applications
  • Strategic insight and recommendations from Teneo


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